"Always Laugh When You Can... It's Cheap Medicine." -Lord Byron

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About the SMITH Editors, Alyson Herzig and Jessica Azar

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By Showing the Lighter Side of a Heavy Subject, We Are United.

After bonding over their mutual struggles with mental illness, Jessica Azar and Alyson Herzig realized that HUMOR had been crucial in surviving their battles. Knowing that many people suffer in silence, scared of the reactions of others, Azar and Herzig both felt the call to help others 'Laugh Stigma Into Submission'. Join their mission by reading this book. All contributors will be donating a portion of their proceeds to a charity.

  • % of World Population With Mental Illness

  • % of Those With Known Mental Illness That Never Seek Professional Help
  • % of Suicides Committed by Someone With a Mental Illness

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